Interflora is a company which deliver flowers worldwide.

They do more than this; it's a brand that delivers happiness.

Using this tag line would help to promote their brand. They need to get with the times. Indeed their social media presence is very little.

"Flower Food Fashion Festival” is an event designed as part of an advertising campaign to re-vitalise, re-fresh, re-inspire, and re-modernize the Interflora's brand. It aims to gain positive publicity and to sell not only the beauty of the flower but the many beautiful ways they can be used, to start and lead a trend and promote a new lifestyle of flowers outside the boquet.

The event is a way to celebrate flowers in all their wonderful forms . It features architectural installations , art exhibitions, workshops of a broad range of disciplines. Customers learn new ways to make flowers a part of their routine such as in the culinary arts, eco fashion industry, and medical research. Visitors taste, see and learn all things connected with flowers.