"Footscray is literally on the wrong side of the tracks. In Melbourne's west in the shadow of the Westgate Bridge, it's the kind of suburb which tends to get forgotten."
Define Footscray as a forgotten slice of Melbourne - this was the challenge I set myself.

For the publication I have used a grid that draws empty spaces in order to communicate distance and separation between this Suburb and the rest of the City, creating contrast by using images in different sizes set in random directions, I used scattered layout to generate tension between all the elements. Footscray is always in a state of radical change due to its vibrant ethnic mix. I communicated this with an engaging image treatment where dull and blanched colours act blur across the foreground as a second layer, making the image out of focus and creating physical space and movement. Change is continuous, yet the blanched colours I have used mirror how Footscray has lost its freshness and brilliance and tells a story about a land utterly forgotten.