The brief was to create a premium lifestyle brand and packaging design for a protein mix. Target market was primarily female body builders who religiously follow their diet and their sporty daily routine. The design needed to be bold and solid, yet feminine.

The design concept required focus on the healthy aspect of the mix and highlight the superfood boost it used to appeal to health conscious customers. I used handwritten typeface and pattern created with real fruits and vegetables to emphasise the product's unique and fresh feeling. Additionally, highlighting the raw-organic-vegan elements set this product apart from the others and increases its value.

To add to the luxury of the product, I avoided using violators. My design features a clean and elegant look, something quite unusual for other protein mix package designs where violators are often over-used and intrusive.

The design intended to be bold and heavy to satisfy the demographic while remaining aesthetically pleasing. It shows the intensity, high contrast and the exotic nature of the product in a youthful and modern way.