this is me.

you can call me a

  • Day dreamer
  • Devoted Tea Drinker
  • Beachaholic
  • Pasta Person
  • Chocolate Addicted
  • Damplings Lover
  • Cactus Collector
  • Creativity Passionate


Ludovica Cipriani is an italian designer who moved to Australia in 2013. Drawn to Sydney by her natural curiosity, she fell in love with exploring a totally new culture and way of life.

After completing a Bachelor Degree in Architecture in Italy, She made the decision to move with her partner and start together to live their Austrialian dream. She has recently completed a graphic design course at Shillington College.

She lives and breathes art&design. Since she was a child, she has designed, drawn, and been surrounded by art. No hide-and-seek for her. Her favourite game was transforming her house in an art gallery.

LuLu is an art director’s daughter and the sweet smell of printing ink is like a good home cooked meal. The memory of how it would envelop the air at the printing house where she used to go with her Dad is one of her most precious.

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